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The musical Fear nothing, I'm with You based on the hit songs of the band Secret is the most optimistic premiere of the season

Surprise and delight, excitement and joy, inspiration and admiration, - the audience could feel all the positive emotions at the premiere of the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you on December 3 at the MDM Theater.

The new original musical created by the Broadway Moscow theater company and produced by Dmitry Bogachev includes 21 hit songs by the legendary Secret band combined by playwright Sergei Kaluzhanov and director Mikhail Mironov into a story full of optimism and romance. The story tells about reckless youth and breathtaking love in the city of Leningrad in the 1980s. Breathtaking it bis in the truest sense of the word: the story unfolds throughout the stage space - on the roofs at the height of 8 meters and even in the air! And this is not all the spectacular surprises that the famous scenographer Maxim Obrezkov can surprise the audience with.

Giant watercolor video projections by Asya Mukhina and dynamic lighting by Ivan Vinogradov paint a recognizable image of beloved Leningrad, but at the same time the action takes place in a fantasy city of dreams — with mysterious shadows, perfects streets leading beyond the horizon and the picturesque sky above. During the show the audience is transported from the Northern capital to a foreign port teeming with life somewhere in the southern seas. What brought the heroes there, you will learn from the performance - no spoilers, please. In order to embody all the marvelous staging ideas and create a colorful world full of change, the stage of MDM Theater was significantly reconstructed and two revolving stage mechanisms were installed.

Against this impressive background, the characters of the musical - young passionate romantics - are constantly faced with a choice between happiness and success, remaining true to themselves and succumbing to internal conformism, following the step by the older generation and society - and deciding their own destiny. They express their feelings and thoughts through the songs of Nikolai Fomenko, Maxim Leonidov and their co-authors, carefully reworked by the musical director and arranger of the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you Evgeny Zagot. The well-known hit songs "Hello", "Kristina's Birthday", "Sarah Bara-Bu", "My Love is on the Fifth Floor", as well as the title song "Fear Nothing, I'm with you" and others, have not lost their charm, but became more relevant to tastes of the younger audience - the creators of the musical are confident that young people will add the compositions of the 'Leningrad four', so dear to their parents, to their playlists. And you will be dazzled by a huge scale of styles that the choreographer Irina Kashuba used in the extended dance scenes: boogie-woogie, rock-n-roll, Broadway jazz, and even classical ballet.

"The modern arrangements by Evgeny Zagot inspired my approach to choreography: I decided to adapt retro material - boogie-woogie, swing, rock-n-roll, and twist - and combine it with Broadway jazz and modern dance to make the dances look modern and in line with musical dramaturgy. We have curious and complex tricks, references to American musicals, along with a modern approach to certain numbers, and even classical ballet - in general, a lot of dance styles," says the choreographer of the production Irina Kashuba.

To tell a story about twenty-year-olds, director Mikhail Mironov chose young artists with a bright personality. We all missed new faces on the Russian musical stage for a long time! It is the combination of skill, taste and vast staging experience of the established creative team of Broadway Moscow with a fresh take on the genre, sincerity and energy of the "newcomers" that explains the flurry of positive emotions that literally covers the audience. There is childish surprise from the unprecedented spectacle, there is delight in resonance with the performance - which is incredibly kind, funny and touching, there is the mature feeling of excitement, with which the audience watches the plot develop, and there is joy of bonding with the characters and empathy, and, of course, there is also nostalgia for the atmosphere of freedom and change of the 1980s. All of this draws inspiration from the new sound of the greatest hit songs by Secret. We are proud to present an original musical created on our local material with an amazing company that works perfectly in sync. Thus we are sure that we all should fear nothing.

Nikolai Fomenko, one of the founders of the Secret, said it all: "I am amazed by your work, guys, you are amazing artists, you have a great future. And I can only add one thing: you are the like of us."

The guests of the evening were well-known representatives of show business, sports, theater and cinema: Alexander Enbert, Yana Churikova, Vladislav Tretiak, Sergey Burunov, Larisa Verbitskaya, Yegor Druzhinin, Natalia Gulkina, Arkady Ukupnik, Yana Krainova, Asiya and many others.

Vladislav Tretiak: "Awesome! I really liked it. I didn't want the evening to end! The artists were great, they sang and danced beautifully. I remembered my youth! I think that the production is bound for success! Everyone is just so great!"

Yana Churikova: "Cool! MDM, deserves its title of the royal musical venue. Today we all received another great gift. The fact that this is a Russian-based musical is really great, because the music of the Secret beat is really excellent theater material. And now it came to be! Thanks a lot! I wish this performance full house and sold-outs! Come see it! It's worth it!"

Natalia Gulkina: "I am delighted! I really liked it! This evening will go down in the history of my best evenings of the year. A wonderful musical, great mood, amazing songs, choreography, costumes, stage design. Take my advice: if you are thinking of a present to your loved ones for the New Year, get them a ticket!"

Dmitry Iskhakov: "This is an absolute delight! It exceeded all my expectations. Musical is one of my favorite theater genres. Everything here is top level: the stage design, the music, the costumes. The visuals are just perfect! It's a treat both for your ears and your eyes. The artists sing in style and they do reach excellency. It is very important. The show really lifted me up! I will definitely recommend it to everyone. We can say that this is the music of my childhood, strange though it may sound - I know artists don't like it when people say that because they feel old. But when Nikolay came up on stage, he looked amazing. It's very cool that the company is so young and full of energy. I'm sure the guys from the Secret are happy."

Dima Krasilov: "The performance raises an important question: what will you choose - love or your dream you have been dreaming of for a long time, which guides you. The characters have to choose what to sacrifice. This question is very deep, complex and purely personal. It's great that the performance helps to find out in which direction you personally should move in order to balance this out."

Alika Smekhova: "I really like the musical, the work of the artists, the production, the subject, the music, I like everything! Well done! Especially the 1980s, all the memories! Thank you."

Larisa Verbitskaya: "I really liked it! I listen with great joy and pleasure to all the songs that I once used to sing myself. And time has shown that these songs are still with us, they have a long life. And a great future, because I see different generations in the audience, and everyone really responds to the show."

Yegor Druzhinin: "I guess this performance will find its audience and will be a success. I liked the choice of the jukebox musical format, when the songs we already know are woven into a new plot. In this case, this approach was used brilliantly. The performance leaves a very pleasant sillage!"

Valeria Lanskaya: "I am happy for my colleagues. I am very happy for Dmitry Bogachev and the whole company, because it is an amazing team, a win-win subject, and the music is so great! Everything works! The audience is delighted and so am I! Thank you very much for this pleasure!"

Asiya: "I’m simply mad about this show! This is my first time at such a large-scale musical! I didn't even expect it to be so incredibly cool! What actors! What an amazing stage design! How it's all done musically! Incredible! I could not even think that such a cool production could exist! I hope that all Muscovites can come to see the show! They simply have to come because it's incredible! I love it!"

Maria Kiseleva: "I really liked it! I am absolutely delighted! I am so grateful to all the people who created this, who played in the show and who made it possible! This is a breath of fresh air from beginning to end: nostalgia, pleasant memories and all the songs that you know, with which you grew up! And all of this is very beautifully combined in a single plot. I wish this musical a long life and huge audiences."

The events of the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you take the viewer to Leningrad in the mid-80s - a time when the air was filled with a premonition of future changes in society. Slava, nicknamed 'Easy Rider', and his friend Anton play rock-n-roll at underground concerts and sell vinyl records. Their friend Denis is planning to become a diplomat, and his older sister Kristina arranges clandestine concerts at home and dreams of her own musical program on Leningrad television. Once Slava climbs up on a rooftop only to meet a girl named Alice, and they instantly fall for each other... Will Easy Rider and the daughter of a history professor be able to be together and will Anton and Denis find their love?

Fear Nothing, I'm With You is the second collaboration of the Broadway Moscow theater company by Dmitry Bogachev and MTS Live, the first one being the musical Chess. The production's strategic partner is Plus Studio, the production center for Yandex services.

The premiere was supported by the brands BRUNI - Italian sparkling wines and Santa Carolina - Chilean still wines.


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