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Intermission is cancelled: MDM Theatre presents a new song from the musical CHESS

On April 7, in the foyer of MDM Theatre, the Broadway Moscow theatre company presented the premiere of a new musical number, based on a song written by the male half of the legendary ABBA – Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson, previously unseen by the Russian audiences. Now each audience member can feel like a participant in the show: the number during the intermission became a regular occurrence right in the theatre lobby.

The Broadway Moscow theatre company presented a musical gift to the audience: the performance continued right during the intermission, which was a big and pleasant surprise. The audience became participants in a cheery musical performance, that took place in the parquet hall of the MDM Theatre. The unique nature of this immersive display lies in the fact, that it is performed by the current ushers and merchandise sellers of MDM Theatre, portraying chess souvenir vendors at the World Championship in Merano. The number is presented in strict accordance with the content and libretto of the musical.

The special performance was attended by Russian celebrities: Dmitry Dyuzhev, Denis Kosyakov, the architect Evgeny Koblov and many others.


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Intermission is cancelled: MDM Theatre presents a new song from the musical CHESS
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