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The musical Fear Nothing, I'm with You sets a unique record of 100 sold out performances in a row!

The 100th show of the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with You took place at the MDM Theatre. The musical is based on the songs of the legendary Secret band. The production opened on December 3, 2022, and in 12 weeks, about 180 thousand people watched the performance already. In the first 3 months of playing daily, the show outstripped all previous projects of Dmitry Bogachev's theater company Broadway Moscow in terms of sales speed and room occupancy.

"For the first time in Russia, a performance that runs daily has hit such marks in terms of economical succes,"says Dmitry Bogachev, head of the Broadway Moscow company and the producer of the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with You."Every day for 3 months we sell from 2000 to 3000 tickets. Thus, we have not only a full house each night, but also an impressive advance - tens of thousands of tickets sold for future shows. This is a phenomenal result even by Broadway standards, where there are only a few productions with such popularity and demand, and they are included in the so-called unspoken 'Millionaires Club'. We are especially proud because this is completely original, 'domestic' production, created literally from scratch in Moscow by Russian authors and a creative team. The audience note that the performance is a real getaway, and the songs of Secret give hope and charge people with optimism for many weeks!"

To stage the original jukebox musical (a performance based on well-known songs), Broadway Moscow has assembled a unique team of theater, television and film professionals. The director Mikhail Mironovo worked with the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and the TV show Evening Urgant. Together with the screenwriter of the projects Kinopoisk Sergei Kaluzhanov (The Time of the First, Major, Method 2, and others) they wrote a play. The choreographer was Irina Kashuba (the musicals Chess at the MDM Theater and Stilyagi at the Theater of Nations). Maxim Obrezkov was responsible for the sets (Vakhtangov Theatre, performances by Rezo Gabriadze, Tonino Guerra, Rimas Tuminas, Yuri Lyubimov, etc.), costumes were created by Tatyana Noginova (Bolshoi Theater, Mariinsky Theater, Chicago Opera, the musical The Little Mermaid on Broadway, and others), and the light was set by Ivan Vinogradov (Bolshoi Theatre, Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Theater of Nations, World Shakespeare Festival, and others). The musical director was Yevgeny Zagot, winner of the Golden Mask award for the work of the conductor in the musical Chess. Thanks to his bold and rich arrangements 20 songs of Secret gained a new modern sound.

The story unfolds in the mid-80s, a very special time in the history of the country. The spirit of change, bold fashion, new youth trends, hopes for the future, and, most importantly, the fresh air of freedom - this is what is so lacking today. The main characters of the musical are young passionate romantics who are constantly faced with a choice: be happy or successful - or remain true to themselves or succumb to internal conformism, live according to the pattern imposed by the older generation and society - or decide their own destiny. The performance is full of heartfelt scenes and comical situations where fateful accidents and amazing coincidences occur at every turn. And that means you'll never be bored!

In terms of entertainment, the new musical at the MDM Theater is as exciting as Dmitry Bogachev's previous project, the phenomenally successful musical Chess. A literally dizzying story unfolds throughout the stage space - on the roofs of St. Petersburg buildings eight meters above the ground, and even in the air! Yards-wells, a Leningrad television studio, a huge sea vessel and even a flying trolleybus - all this awaits the audience on the stage of the MDM Theatre.

"For Plus Studio, Fear Nothing, I'm with You was the first experience of creating a large-scale offline event. We tried to do something warm, bright, full of good vibes, something that would resonate with a wide audience," says Olga Filipuk, Plus Studio producer and director of Plus Fantech. "At the verge of the 100th performance, we can already say that we received a lot of warmth in return. A lot of people returned to the musical more than once. From the feedback we see that after seeing the show people invite friends and acquaintances to the MDM Theater, and among those who bought a ticket from Yandex Afisha, more than half are Plus subscribers. It's nice to hear how loud the group Secret sounds again. Covers are released, and on Yandex Music, the number of listens to Secret has increased by 20%. We discuss this phenomenon with Nikolai Fomenko and think about how this magic can become even stronger in different formats, so that the musical could live not only on the theater stage."

"Fear Nothing, I'm With You is our second big investment project in the musical genre. The first one was Chess which became an audience hit and reached the second place in terms of the number of shows played among all Chess productions around the world - all this despite the pandemic and other restrictions. We are glad to see that the new, completely original musical has found such a response from the Russian audience. The sales have already broken our previous record, the number of positive reviews on our resources inspires our team and partners to continue to give the audience positive emotions and push forward. It's nice that the audience have an interest in this kind of event, and that they warmly received an original production. Our company is convinced that in the near future the market will see an increase in the number of musicals running at the same time in different venues," said Yanina Tataritskaya, head of promotion and production at MTS Entertainment.

Fear Nothing, I'm With You is the second collaboration of the Broadway Moscow theater company by Dmitry Bogachev and MTS Live, following the musical Chess. The production's strategic partner is Plus Studio, the production center for Yandex services.


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