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The world's first Chess subway train launched in the capital of Russia

A new branded Chess train is launched at the Sokolnicheskaya line of the Moscow subway. The train was launched at the Severnoye depot on December 28 and became a new page in Russian chess history. The twelfth world chess champion, international grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, general producer of the musical Chess, artistic director of the MDM Theater Dmitry Bogachev and general director of MTS Entertainment Mikhail Minin were the ones to launch the train.

The new Chess-themed train of the Moscow Subway was created with the support of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), the Russian Chess Federation, the Broadway Moscow theater company and MTS Entertainment.

Each of the five cars of a unique train is dedicated to various topics related to chess - the history of the game, the development of chess in the Soviet Union and Russia, the most important players, and, of course, the inspiration, that graceful pieces on a black-and-white board have given the artists of the world. The train presents curious facts about chess in cinema, fine arts, theater, literature, as well as in the lives of celebrities.

Did you know that Madonna is an avid chess player and was coached by the Champion of Scotland? Or that Marilyn Monroe had a real chess collection, which included sets made of precious metals? Or that the part of Svetlana from the legendary musical Chess was written by ABBA composers with Alla Pugacheva in mind?

As for the game itself, there are fun facts, too. For example, classical chess as we know it now is far from the only form of this ancient art. What else is there? Passengers will be able to learn about this on the new train, a real chess encyclopedia on rails. So, it's time to go down to the subway, to the Sokolnicheskaya line, get on the chess train and be amazed! And, of course, to be proud of how important chess is for the history of our country and of the fact that our grandmasters are real stars! The Chess train is a real moving museum that has become a gift for the Muscovites and tourists: now, in order to touch in to the history of chess, you do not need to go anywhere - just get a subway ticket!

Chess can be found in books, films, paintings and, of course, theater. The finest example is the legendary musical Chess, an international hit that has been loved for 40 years and counting, first of all thanks to the music, breathtaking in scope and beauty, in which a variety of styles are masterfully combined - from rap and rock to opera. The plot is based on a poignant love story, the background for which is the political and sports confrontation between the two superpowers - the USSR and the USA. The Russian production of Chess received not only the recognition of the audience, but also high praise from professionals. The experts of the main Russian national theater award The Golden Mask nominated the performance for 11 awards, including 'Best Production of Operetta or Musical'. This is the largest number of nominations among musical productions shortlisted for the Golden Mask for the 2020-2021 season.

The production and run of Chess became the first investment project of the MTS Entertainment division, which includes ticket services, organization of concerts and theatrical performances, and venues for events. MTS is the first major commercial brand in Russia to invest in a theater event.

The Chess train will run along the Sokolnicheskaya line of the Moscow Subway for six months, so everyone will have time to enjoy the stylish mobile chess gallery.


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