The musical "Valentine's Day" welcomed summer with a pajama party at the MDM Theater

«Valentine’s Day» musical welcomed the summer with a pyjama party at MDM Theatre

An unusual welcome for the summer days has already become a tradition for Dmitry Bogachev’s “Broadway Moscow” theatre company: bachelorette parties, blind dates and even backstage tours took place here. This year was no exception – on June 4, a pyjama party for bloggers was held on the summer veranda of the MDM Theatre. “Valentine’s Day” is performed in a table seated setting and has a wonderful romantic atmosphere, which is a great reason to spend some time with your significant other and a cool alternative to an evening of Netflix and chill or a visit to your local bar.

Guests attended the party wearing stylish and bright pyjamas, took part in fun interactive activities from one of the characters of the show – Kenny (Vladislav Yudin), posed and snapped shots in front of a press wall created with 12 thousand sequins, learned to dance to the main hits from the show and, of course, enjoyed a glass of champagne or two – as sparkly and amusing as the show itself.

Schwarzkopf & Henkel became partner of the event - brand of hair products, which has been a symbol of quality and innovative products for 120 years. The best stylists of the company worked on site, creating bold and eye-catching styles for everyone.

The guests were absolutely delighted not only by the party and beauty-zone, but also from the main attraction of the evening - "Valentine's Day" the musical.

«The time flew by so quickly! If you want to truly escape from the boring everyday life and bustle, to be with your soulmate in a romantic setting, I recommend that you visit this light, relaxed, meaningful musical – “Valentine’s Day”! After seeing it, many “misunderstandings” in your relationships seem like nonsense. I feel like I visited a therapist, who set my brains right!», – Blogger Ekaterina Abramenko shared her impressions on her Instagram.

“Valentine’s Day” musical is unique entertainment format. The action takes place in a Manhattan bar, to immerse the audience into the atmosphere, table seating is used instead of the traditional theatre setting.

The characters of the show are white collared David and “free spirited artist” Jessie are trying to plan their wedding, but everything starts coming undone right from the moment of guest list compilation. Planning the upcoming wedding so that all the relatives and friends are happy is no easy feat, not everyone can handle… Will lovers manage to organise a perfect wedding and stay together? You can find out at MDM Theatre, when you see “Valentines Day” the musical, accompanied by a live jazz band.


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