Fear Nothing, I'm with You – theatre record of the century

Theatre record of the century – 350 thousand spectators in the first 5 months of playing daily!

The musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you – love at first sight!

The musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you, based on the songs of the legendary Secret band, is rightly called a bombshell and the main hit of theatrical Russia. In less than five months since its premiere on December 3, 2022, the production has been seen by more than 350,000 people. The audience interest still does not fade – for more than a year, this musical has been drawing full houses every day (and twice a day on weekends) at the MDM Theatre – the most spacious theatre in Moscow with 1800 seats. Fear Nothing, I'm with you has won the love of not only hundreds of thousands of Muscovites, but also has become a place of attraction for tourists from all over the country.

To stage Fear Nothing, I'm with you the best musical theatre company in Russia – Broadway Moscow – has assembled a unique team of theatre, television and film professionals. The team is led by the famous producer Dmitry Bogachev, who presented the Russian audience with the world's greatest musicals, including CATS, MAMMA MIA!, The Phantom of the Opera, CHICAGO, Chess, Singin' in the Rain, Beauty and the Beast, The Sound of Music and Ball of the Vampires and many more. Dmytry is also an author of the original concept of the Broadway musical Anastasia.

The story of Fear Nothing, I'm with you unfolds in the mid-80s, a very special time in the history of the country. The spirit of change, bold fashion, new youth trends, hopes for the future, and, most importantly, the fresh air of freedom – this is what is so lacking today. It was at that time that the legendary Secret band appeared in Russia. The musical is based on 20 hits of Secret in the modern arrangements. The audience cannot help but sing along to their favorite songs!

In terms of entertainment, the new musical at the MDM Theater is extremely exciting. A literally dizzying story unfolds throughout the stage space – on the roofs of St. Petersburg buildings eight meters above the ground, and even in the air! Yards-wells, a Leningrad television studio, a huge sea vessel and even a flying trolleybus – all this awaits the audience on the stage of the MDM Theatre.

Theahregoers and celebrity guests of the MDM Theatre agreed in their assessment of the musical. Their reviews speak for themselve!

Yana Churikova: “That’s really cool! I believe that MDM, of course, deservedly bears the title of the royal venue for all musicals in Russia. Music of Secret was very conducive to one day making a musical based on it. And now it’s finally done! Thank you a lot! I wish this performance daily sold-outs! It’s an absolute must-see!

Yulia Peresild: “If you want to spend a wonderful, romantic evening at the MDM Theatre, I highly recommend the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you. Take your significant others, children, teenagers. Great songs that we all know! Cool, easy, organic and filled with so much love! Come and see!

Alika Smekhova: “I really like this musical, the work of actors, the production, the topic, the music, I like everything! Well done! Especially the atmosphere of the 80s, it brings so many memories! Thank you".

Vladislav Tretyak: “Amazing! I liked it very much. I didn't want the evening to come to an end! The actors were great, they sang and danced beautifully. We immediately remembered our youth! I think success is guaranteed!”

Igor Vernik: “I am extremely happy now because I found myself in a wonderful, musical, warm, bright love story that we all need nowadays. It is so talentedly told, played, sung and danced, so subtle, tender. Great joy, great happiness! Fear nothing, the musical artists are with you. I'm so glad we have musicals of this scale. This is a real gift! Thanks a lot! Come and enjoy the show!"

Sergey Filin: “This is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in Moscow lately! Go and see it! Take your nearest and dearest with you, smile and laugh all together! And don’t forget to tell them: “FEAR NOTHING, I’M WITH YOU.”

Natalya Vasina: “There were tears in my eyes and love inside my soul during the final song.”

Anna Ivanova: “A stunning, magnificent, incomparable musical! I want to watch it over and over again!”

Irina Dementieva: “Incredibly beautiful! All the songs go straight to the soul."

Yulia Gonina: “A fascinating story, a fantastic team of young and talented artists.”

Mrs. Olgert: “The number “Arina the Ballet dancer” caused such a storm inside my soul – I burst into tears! Not because of drama, but because of the beauty of the performance. Also, a flying trolleybus was a real fairy tale!”

Natasha_del_mar: “An ordinary Sunday may turn into a real holiday.”

Polinessaa: “Stunning plot, talented artists – both in terms of vocals and choreography. I got so much pleasure watching Fear Nothing, I'm with you, without expecting it myself. I saw people’s burning eyes and realized that I wasn’t the only one!”

Sandriishka: “This is exactly the story we all needed. I was smiling from the beginning to the curtain call. I left the MDM Theatre in high spirits for the first time in weeks, remembering that there was always room for miracles.!”

Nastya Filova: “Run to the MDM Theatre! Don't try to predict anything! Do not be afraid! Just take your significant other and friends – someone who makes you feel good – and enjoy a great evening! This musical will definitely give you a wonderful mood!”

Natasha_and_poodle_dasha: “Absolutely amazing performance that gave me goosebumps. I'm thrilled! It's a wonderful fairy tale. We either barely restrained ourselves from jumping up from our seats to start dancing, or wiped away our tears, constantly shouting: “Bravo!”

Lyudmila Gorkunova: “The most wonderful thing was when I suddenly realized that I wasn't just waiting for the next song, but empathized with the characters and wondered: “Well, what’s next?” And what a grandiose ovation there was at the end! I turned around the auditorium and saw just a field of stars! A million phone flashlights illuminated the auditorium! The MDM Theatre is huge, and it was full! Complete sold-out!”

Anastasiarayne: “The musical that I needed to see now, when there are so many problems and it’s not so easy to believe in the best. Fear Nothing, I'm with you is filled with light and the spirit of freedom, a thirst for change, a desire for a new, bright life, which is already somewhere nearby, behind the roofs of St. Petersburg, in the labyrinth of St. Petersburg streets, and maybe in a person who has been with you for a long time. The musical is very life-affirming and is perceived as a breath of fresh air in our realities. And it’s incredibly beautiful!”


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