Musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You is the main event of the year

Musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You – the main event of the year

Fear Nothing, I’m With You received the highest award in two categories at the 12th National Award Event of the Year. The musical was recognized as the best cultural and sociocultural event of the year.

The joint project of Dmitry Bogachev's theatre company Broadway Moscow and MTS Live, created in partnership with Plus Studio – the Yandex production center, – has been leading the ratings of Moscow events for the second season. Audience interest in the performance does not fade: every day (and twice a day on weekends) the musical has full houses with 1,800 seats at the MDM Theatre, the largest theatre venue in Moscow. In terms of the number of continuous sold outs, this show has set an absolute record in the Russian theatre industry.

«We believe that theatre should give light and hope», said Anastasia Savina, Commercial Director of Broadway Moscow, at the Event of the Year award ceremony. «This is exactly what the musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You gave to more than 900 thousand spectators in a year and a half of daily perfomances, becoming a phenomenon of the Russian theatre stage. One of the characters of our musical says very important words: you shouldn’t be afraid, you need to tell the truth, always remain human, believe in your dream, go towards your goal, and then everything will definitely come true».

«MTS Live has already released 3 musicals, which have been watched by more than 1.5 million people in total. The musicals Fear Nothing, I’m With You and Chess received the main awards in the theatre and event industries, proving that these are really fascinating and emotional stories that have become real support and an escape in the surrounding reality, capable of charging you with optimism for many weeks!», comments Producer and Event Marketing Director of MTS Live Dmitry Shmelev.

«The musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You has become a real phenomenon in the modern theatre industry. This project has united generations, and people return for the second and the third time to watch the musical. We saw that, combining the songs of Secret, Russian scriptwriters and directors, it is possible to make a strong story that will be incredibly successful and will collect a large box office. The musical has not left the top 10 most popular projects on Yandex Afisha for a year and a half now, and its recognition as the main event of the year only confirms the sincere love of the audience, which we are very happy about», adds Enrico Mazavrishvili, Content Director of Yandex Afisha.

The story takes place in Leningrad in the mid-80s – a very special time in the history of the country: the spirit of change, bold fashion, new youth trends, hopes for the future, and, most importantly, the fresh air of freedom. Moreover, it was when the legendary Secret music band appeared, 20 hits of which became the basis for Fear Nothing, I’m With You.

The main characters of the musical are young passionate romantics who are constantly faced with a choice: be happy or successful – or remain true to themselves or succumb to internal conformism, live according to the pattern imposed by the older generation and society – or decide their own destiny. The performance is full of heartfelt scenes and comical situations where fateful accidents and amazing coincidences occur at every turn.

A literally dizzying story unfolds throughout the stage space – on the roofs of St. Petersburg buildings eight meters above the ground, and even in the air! Yards-wells, a Leningrad television studio, a huge sea vessel and even a flying trolleybus – all this awaits the audience on the stage of the MDM Theatre.


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