«Бродвей Москва» — театральная компания Дмитрия Богачева

Chess the musical: the last game.
Chess is closing in moscow. The last show of the phenomenally successful production will be held at the mdm theater on october 16.

The luxurious Russian production of the famous world musical ran for two seasons and has taken its rightful place among the main theatrical attractions of the capital - it has become a legend in itself. Having launched the previews in the midst of a pandemic, the musical Chess has become the most successful project of Russia’s leading theatrical producer Dmitry Bogachev and his Broadway Moscow theater companyю It almost overshadowed The Phantom of the Opera in reach and popularity - but, unlike The Phantom, it was an non-replica original Russian production.

Almost 700,000 people attended the performances of Chess in Moscow, and the 600th show will take place in the coming days - an absolute record among dozens of productions of this musical that have been staged around the world since the world premiere in London in 1986. This is not surprising, because the Russian version of Chess holds a unique experiencу and an unparalleled excitement. On the stage there are three-level automated transforming scenery with an orchestra on the highest level. The immense set has more than 250 square meters of multimedia surfaces for video streaming that can immerses the viewer in the context by transporting them from a residential area of Moscow to the Italian Alps in a blink of an eye, or simply create a special atmosphere, emphasizing the emotional state the main characters performed by Anastasia Stotskaya, Kirill Gordeev, Alexander Sukhanov, Yulia Iva and Alexander Bobrov. Their performances were extremely well-received not only by the fans of musical theater, but also by the professional community. For their roles in Chess, the actors were nominated for the prestigious national theater award The Golden Mask. Another award was given to the musical director of the production, conductor Evgeny Zagot who led the orchestra brilliantly performing the amazing music of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus - members and composers of the legendary band ABBA who also created the musical Mamma Mia! In total, at the Golden Mask Festival of 2020/21, Chess was presented in seven categories, and this is also a record among performances in the Operetta/Musical category.

Among other achievements of the production is the unprecedented success of participation in the program of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation The Pushkin Card. The program allows Russian residents aged from 14 to 22 to attend cultural events for free. More than 100 thousand holders of the Pushkin Card chose Chess, making this musical the first in demand in the federal project.

Celebrities have repeatedly spoken enthusiastically about the musical, including Sir Tim Rice himself, the great British playwright, author of the idea, libretto and song lyrics of Chess, winner of all the major world awards in arts, such as Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Grammy. He is best known for his work for such musicals as Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and The Lion King.

However, the Chess creative team itself, led by Evgeny Pisarev, considers the love of hundreds of thousands of viewers, their passionate reviews and comments on social networks to be the most valuable award of all.

Join them - you still have a chance to see this real miracle of the theatrical stage: the production closes on October 16.


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