Original cast recording of Fear Nothing, I’m With You the musical

Original cast recording of the musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You. Listen now!

The Broadway Moscow theatre company, MTS Live and Yandex Afisha has presented the original cast recording of the musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You. 20 songs of the legendary Soviet music band Secret are now available on all streaming services. All songs have been carefully reworked by the musical director and arranger of the musical Fear Nothing, I’m With You Evgeny Zagot. New arrangements have been enthusiastically received by both fans of Secret and members of this legendary musical band themselves: Maxim Leonidov, Nikolai Fomenko, Alexey Murashov and Andrey Zabludovsky.

«New arrangements were needed for the sake of modern times, drama, and the fact that the music in musical theatre is performed by a large number of instruments, and the songs often use choirs and polyphony», says Evgeny Zagot. «Having worked a lot in musical theatre, I understand how to “make” musical compositions work better for the plot. As a result, they got a modern sound, but fans of Secret can easily sing along to their favorite hits».

Lead vocalists for the original cast recording of Fear Nothing, I’m With You are Yulia Dovganishina, Yulia Iva, Alexey Falko, Vladislav Tashbulatov, Dmitry Fedorov, Vadim Michman and Vladimir Kisarov. Moreover, more than dozens of other vocalists take part as ensemble artists.

«The release of the original cast recording is a significant event for music lovers, theatregoers and for everyone who knows the songs of Secret. It’s a wonderful cast recording according to all Broadway canons», says Dmitry Bogachev, producer of the production, member of the Broadway League and the head of the Broadway Moscow theater company. «No worse than The Phantom of the Opera which we recorded in 2015 with professionals from Great Britain. However, this time, eight years later, we did it on our own and achieved excellent results, quite worthy of a Grammy!»

«Fear Nothing, I’m With You has become a real theatrical phenomenon. We are delighted that it resonates with so many people and continues to amaze viewers. The original cast recording may help expand the universe of the musical, preserve bright impressions for those who have already been able to see this romantic story on stage, or introduce it to those who, for some reason, have not yet had time», commented Yanina Tataritskaya, Head of Promotion and Production at MTS Live.

«Fear Nothing, I’m With You is now an absolute hit among offline events in Moscow – for 265 days it has been in the TOP-10 events on the Yandex Afisha service and still tops the Moscow rating. We know that after seeing the musical, viewers are more and more listening to the albums of Secret on Yandex Music», says Enrico Mazavrishvili, Business Development Director at Yandex Afisha. «Original cast recording is another opportunity for Yandex Plus subscribers to stay with the show for as long as possible».

The presentation of the original cast recording took place on the Radisson Royal Flotilla yacht.

The musical album is now available on all streaming services.


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