The musical "Fear Nothing, I'm With You!"

Fear nothing, I'm with you!
МТС Live in partnership with Plus Studio present a new musical of the Broadway Moscow theater company based on the songs of the band Secret

The Broadway Moscow theater company led by the producer Dmitry Bogachev (Chess, The Phantom of the Opera, MAMMA MIA!, CHICAGO, CATS, etc.) announced its new project on the stage of the MDM Theater - the original musical based on the songs of the band Secret called Fear Nothing, I'm with You. The performance, constructed in a form similar to that of Mamma Mia! but channeling the atmosphere of La-La Land, will include 22 of the best hits of the legendary 'Leningrad Four'. As in the case of the phenomenally successful production of Chess, Broadway Moscow is creating its new production together with MTS Live. Plus Studio became the strategic partner of the project. The premiere of the performance will take place on December 3 at the MDM Theatre.

The events of a romantic story unfold in Leningrad in the 1980s. On the one hand, there are white nights, drawbridges, well courtyards, rooftops, underground rock concerts, members of all kinds of underground youth organizations, black marketeers and bold fashion. And on the other hand, the conflict of generations, the choice between happiness and prosperity, the rejection of the hypocrisy of the system and the struggle against internal conformism.

The show was directed by Mikhail Mironov, who worked at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater and for the TV show Evening Urgant. The musical director and chief conductor is Evgeny Zagot, who was awarded with the Golden Mask prize this year for his work in the musical Chess. Irina Kashuba is in charge of the choreography - her last high-profile productions were the musicals Chess at the MDM Theater and Stilyagi (The Snappy Dressers) at the Theater of Nations, as well as the opera Mazeppa at the Bolshoi Theater of Russia. The set designer Maxim Obrezkov, costume designer Tatyana Noginova and lighting designer Ivan Vinogradov are engaged in the artistic design of the performance. The play was written by playwright and screenwriter Sergei Kaluzhanov in collaboration with the director of the play Mikhail Mironov (the films The Time of the First, Major, Method-2, etc.). Producer Dmitry Bogachev and director Evgeny Pisarev, who only just collaborated on Chess, took over the overall artistic supervision and direction of the production.

"The so-called jukebox musicals, which are based on the favorite hits of a popular band, are a well-known format. Mamma Mia! is probably the most famous of them all. I produced it in Russia with great success, first in 2006 and then a revival in 2012, and after that I understood the scheme works in every detail and started thinking about my own original production. The choice of the Secret's songs was quite obvious, and not just because they fit perfectly into the musical theater format. They can also give a vibrant idea of the romantic atmosphere of the mid-80s with its fresh wind of change, high hopes, the carefree charm of youth - everything our new performance is about. A romantic musical, an urban story about our contemporaries, about ourselves - this is what we all need right now," said Dmitry Bogachev, the producer of the musical, the general director of the Broadway Moscow theater company and the artistic director of the MDM Theater.

"22 of our songs in the latest arrangements, and on the stage of MDM which is famous for successful musical productions - what else can the Secret beat quartet dream of on the eve of our 40th anniversary?! The hits of Secret plus Dmitry Bogachev, Broadway Moscow and a fantastic team of young artists - the perfect combination for a stunning original musical!" commented Nikolai Fomenko and Maxim Leonidov, actors, musicians, creators and soloists of the Secret beat quartet.

"We continue to fill the storefronts and the ecosystem of MTS with our own original content. The effectiveness of the chosen path was proven by the production and distribution of the musical Chess, which was played for an unprecedented number of times and visited by more than 500 thousand people, despite the pandemic and the current restrictions. We see the interest of the general public and believe that in the near future the market will see an increase in the number of musicals performed in all kinds of venues. The production and distribution of the musical Fear Nothing, I'm with you is our second big investment project to be staged at the MDM Theatre. This is an original musical, close to the Russian audience, immersing you in the atmosphere of Leningrad of the 1980s. The musical setting is that of the popular band Secret, which, I am sure, is bound to move the audience," said Yanina Tataritskaya, the head of promotion and production at MTS Entertainment.

"The timeless hits of the band Secret are now being listened to by hundreds of thousands of Yandex Music users - the band’s popularity has recently begun to grow again. At the same time, we see that the community of musical fans has formed in Russia. According to Yandex Afisha, in 2021, musicals were visited more actively than stand-up shows or art exhibitions. This means a huge loyal audience, and among Yandex Plus subscribers too. All these people are looking forward to new premieres, and therefore we have joined forces with the members of the legendary beat quartet and our partners to create an original musical that will provide a great experience for the whole family," commented Olga Filipuk, Content Director of the Plus Business Group and Yandex Fintech, producer at Plus Studio.


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