«CHESS» presentation with Tim Rice - Broadway Moscow Theatre
The exciting process of making a musical, right before your eyes! The funniest attempt to put on the legendary Mamma Mia!, backstage intrigue, over-the-top humor, and parodies of the world's greatest music hits: no one can imagine what will happen when the curtain rises!
A hit musical based on the songs of the band Secret: the adventures of three friends against the backdrop of the 1980s in the city of Leningrad - featuring the crazy fashion, underground rock concerts and swindlers. And, of course, full of the premonition of historical changes and indomitable spirit of freedom.
Light musical with table seating: theatregoers become visitors of the bar, where two young New Yorkers are planning a wedding and are faced with disagreements that may cost them not only the long-awaited celebration, but the very “happily ever after”.
An incredibly funny musical about a blind date – with song from the creators of the hit TV series “Gossip Girl” and Disney composers. The first meeting with all that comes with it: awkward attempts to win over, sudden epiphanies, ugly truths from social networks and, of course, the first kiss.